U-Shaped Sofas Buyers Guide

The U Shaped Sofa is a very versatile furniture that everybody wants. Even though it is not one of the recently introduced designs in sofa sets, it remained contemporary with new styles. Sofas are basically designed to provide a wide and comfy sitting space in the living room. However, a U shaped sofa can be used to fulfil several different purposes, for example, it can become an extra bed when there are so many guests in your houses.

It is okay if you do not have a large size living room. You can divide a U shaped sofa into two sections and use it in your living room and another part of your home, such as the dining room, bedroom, etc. It is the perfect furniture to invest money and this guide will help you in taking the best decision.

Things to consider before buying a U shaped sofa:

Buyers often wonder that’s why should I invest in the U-shaped sofa when some other options are available in the market. Although it is a bit confusing, you should concentrate on the features of U-shaped sofas. You can compare its looks, comfort, size and sitting arrangement with other sofa sets available in the market to better assess which one is the best suited for your needs.

However, you will find the U-shaped sofa more useful and comfortable than other sofas. Its features like maximized sitting space, lounging comfort and visual appeal make it better than several other sofas. Finding a perfect set of U-shaped sofa may seem daunting but this guide will make it easier.

  • Know more about all the essential components of sectional sofas:

Unlike other sofas, the U shaped sofa combines several sections like left hand, right hand facing chairs, armless chairs and corner chairs. Not all the couches include the corner chair, so check it carefully. This type of sofas may include left-hand chaise or right-hand chaise. Go through some images and specifications of the sofa carefully and then place an order for buying a suitable one.

  • What type of orientation do you want?

Not all the U shaped sofas are the same. You can recognize some difference between these sofas by considering their images. The U shaped sofas can be available in four different designs, left-hand facing sofa, right-hand facing sofa, symmetrical sofa and the reversible sofa. All four are described below:

Left hand facing sofa: This type of sofa has the widest section on the left side and that’s why it is called left-hand facing sofa.

Right Hand Facing Sofa: This sectional sofa comprises the largest section of the sofa on its right-hand side and that’s why it is called right-hand facing the sofa.

Symmetrical sofa: Both sides’ sitting arrangements offer equal space in such kind of U shaped sofas.

Reversible: You should buy this kind of sofa because you can assemble it according to your requirements. You can make it left-hand facing sofa or right-hand facing sofa according to your requirements.

  • Designs:

Consider above-given points and along with that, you should also check the latest designs available in the sectional sofas. You can choose the reclining U shaped sofa, which is pretty popular nowadays. It allows you the incline the backrest and extends the leg-rest to sit comfortably. Yes, it offers all the features of this type of sofa, but reclining would be an additional feature of this kind of sofa.

The convertible U shaped sofa is also an awesome choice. It can be easily turned into a flat surface like a bed. You should invest in this kind of sofa if you want to add extra furniture for sitting and sleeping. There another design, known as the modular sofa. You can say that a modular sofa comprises two or more loveseats, a couch with an ottoman. Any chair of this sofa does not include the armrest and that’s why it has a unique appeal.

Most of the buyers think that U shaped sofa can be available only in the U shape, but you can change its shape. You can divide that large sofa set into L shaped sectional sofas. That’s how you can try a unique sitting arrangement in different rooms of your house.

  • Fabric:

Just like any other type of sofa, the U shaped sofa can also be available in a number of upholstery fabrics. Check above reviewed sectional sofas, they all have different upholstery fabrics. Of course, the price of the large U shaped sofa would depend on the type of upholstery fabric used for decorating it. A bonded leather sofa would cost more expensive price than the microfiber sofa. So, check the type of fabric carefully to know which upholstery fabric would be the best for your living room’s interior.

  • Size:

Whenever you are planning to buy a new sofa set, an important thing you must consider is the size of the sofa. It is obvious that every person does not live in a big bungalow. Many people live in apartments in the cities. Most of such apartments do not feature a huge living room. It is obviously daunting to find a perfect size sofa, which provides ample sitting space along with free space to move around.

A U shaped sofa may require some extra space because it will feature a couch along with chairs around the couch. You will also need space for placing an ottoman or coffee table in the middle. You should carefully measure the space available in your living room and then check the sofas’ size to pick the best suite U shaped sofa for your home.

  • Frame:

There will be all types of guests at your house, whenever you will organize a small house party or another event. Your U shaped sofa should provide robust and cosy sitting space. To ensure this particular feature you should check what type of frame is the best for the couch. It should not be built of a poor quality wood otherwise that sofa will not last longer than a few years. You should make sure you are investing your bucks in a durable sofa set that will remain intact for many years.

  • Price:

What if the local retailer is asking for an expensive price, you pay it to buy the sofa, and later find that the same sofa was available at a more affordable cost? Such things happen quite often with people. You would not like to be one of those people. So, carefully choose the retailer to pay a reasonable cost for the sofa you want to buy. It will be a much better decision if you think about buying online. You will get better options on the sofa set with some better designs in upholstery, size, and at a very affordable cost.

That’s what makes online furniture shopping so beneficial for the buyers. In fact, you will get better discount deals with warranty and guaranty. So, consider buying it online to get the best deal on your new U shaped sofa.

Key features that make U shaped sofa the best for every house:

The following features make U shaped sofa very useful for every homeowner:

  • Additional space:

A U shaped sofa features a huge space for sitting. Obviously, a sectional sofa or a normal sofa would never provide such a wide sitting area. All of your friends and family members can sit together and have some great conversations on holidays, family events, and parties. You will not need additional chairs when a large U shaped sofa is improving the beauty of your living room.

  • It is versatile:

It is called U shaped sofa because it takes U shape if all the chairs and couch placed perfectly. However, it is not mandatory to set it like a U. You can turn it into an L shaped sofa if there is limited space in your living room area. You can move a few chairs out whenever you want some extra space in the living room to place other furniture.

  • It offers a luxurious appeal to the living room:

Normal sofas may never make your living room look as luxurious as it looks when a U shaped sofa is set there. That room starts looking big and luxurious place, where many people can sit together to have some quality conversation.

  • Additional bed:

Who would say no to an additional bed if it comes in the form of a sofa? Wide and comfy seats of the U shaped sofa can also be used for sleeping. Whether it is you or your friend, sleeping over a U shaped sofa will never feel like an uncomfortable experience. You will enjoy your night there and wake without any backache or other similar issues.

Final thoughts:

You have already chosen the U shaped sofa if you are trying to know “how to buy the best U shaped sofa”. You should focus only on the factors given in this guide. It will help you in recognizing the best couches without wasting much time in it.